Muffler Systems Manufacturers

Here is a comprehensive list of the manufacturers that we actively service and have corresponding parts readily on hand.

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

Santa Rosa, CA

Flowmaster’s exhaust and muffler systems include an incredible tone with mandrel-bent pipes for unrivaled exhaust funneling. This system’s sound is music to any gear head’s ear, while allowing an additional boost in power.

Muffler systems designed to sound mean, with a strong performance, and boost in power.

Dynomax Performance Exhaust

Monroe, MI

Dynomax offers the widest selection of high-performance exhaust products on the market. Their system includes sound, performance, and durability engineered and tuned for each application. Their systems work efficiently by venting waste away from the engine through high-flow exhaust pipes, allowing the engine a more productive output.

Dynomax has a broad array of mufflers, exhaust systems, piping, that increase exhaust flow and maximize performance.

Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

Oceanside, CA

Magnaflow Exhaust Systems are the choice of the custom-crowd. They provide exact fit and performance sound while giving you a boost in horsepower and mileage that lasts through years of rain and road salt.

Magnaflow adds a high-performance tone while providing a polished system that can withstand years of use.

Borla Exhaust Systems

Oxnard, CA

Borla Exhaust Systems includes a perfect fit as well as strong gains in performance and mileage. Their high-flow muffler is available in multi-core or straight-through designs, tuned to your preference.

Borla creates an unmistakable performance tone and a reinvigorated ride.

Corsa Performance Exhaust

Berea, OH

Corsa Performance Exhaust sounds amazing when you stomp on the gas, yet quiet at a stop. Its high-end kit use baffles to cancel out unwanted racket. Their system increases hp, torque and MPGs.

Corsa Exhaust gives a deep and rugged sound while giving your ride a true American upgrade.

Gibson Exhaust Systems

Corona, CA

Gibson Exhaust System is designed with performance in mind, each kit uses aluminum or stainless steel tubing for maximum exhaust flow and a perfect fit. Their muffler system has an unmistakeable tone and is design for even more power and sound.

Gibson Exhaust and Mufflers deliver a performance lift and a monstrous tone.

MBRP Exhaust Systems

Huntsville, Ontario Canada

MBRP Exhaust System is crafted from mandrel-bent tubing, these kits crank up horsepower, torque and MPGs.

This high-flow muffler adds a burly, performance tone that’s sure to leave an impression.

Banks Monster Exhaust System

Azusa, CA

Banks Monster Exhaust System are specialized for diesel engines. They boost performance, sound, and even MPGs. Each kit out of 100% stainless steel.

Your diesel’s exhaust tone is bound to turn heads with this Banks Monster system.

JBA Performance Exhaust

San Dimas, CA

A JBA Performance Exhaust System is tuned for your ride. Power and economy gets a boost with bigger pipes, smoother bends, and welded, high-flow mufflers.

JBA Performance Exhaust is a perfect addition for any car, truck or SUV to give your ride a tough, JBA performance growl.

aFe Exhaust Systems

Corona, CA

Advanced Flow Engineering has knowledge and experience that extends to their precisely-engineered exhaust systems. aFe Exhaust Systems allow spent exhaust to leave the engine 36% faster and in turn, allow fresh air to easily fill the engine’s cylinders.

The end result is a boost in horsepower, maximized MPGs and a great performance sound.

Hooker Exhaust Systems

Bowling Green, KY

Hooker Exhaust Systems have a reputation for producing performance-enhancing exhausts for more than half a century. Their exhaust systems are expertly engineered to drop your engine’s back pressure and improve overall efficiency complete with stainless steel, mandrel-bent tubing.

Hooker is one of the best known names in the industry for a reason. They produce back-breaking horsepower and torque, and add that desirable not-so-subtle sound.